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exercise, outdoors, eat well, shake it upYes, there are all kinds of successful people. Tall, short, heavy, thin, funny, grumpy…

However, you would be hard pressed to find a heavy person who is completely comfortable addressing a fitness club as a motivational speaker.

Does a parent who eats fast food much of the time even consider scrutinizing their children about the effects of healthy eating?  Is staying healthy and physically fit a good determining set of traits when considering success in life?

As defining success via health can be debated for many hours based on many different criteria, we wish to offer some food for thought for those who have made up their minds about getting their diet or exercise program under/in control.

We are not talking about the type of person who judges character strictly on one’s diet and exercise program, but one who is wise enough to disseminate the available data. Perhaps those with diet/exercise program XYZ live a life with fewer physical and mental complications than those who chose program ABC.

Join in on our discussion and follow us as we transform ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually into a more productive and healthy set of parents.

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