Family Projects

Getting the family involved

This section of the website will be for projects within the areas of video & photography, cooking and aquaponics.

All of these projects will be applicable to doing things with your family members.  Obviously,  you could do these also with your friends but because this is a family site we suggest doing them with your family.  Click on any of the pics on this page and they will take you to the new section with which they correspond.

Create video with your family

Video projects with the family will be valued even greater in later years. Don’t miss out by not doing them.



We will be creating some fun videos as a family or as family sub-groups.

Also, we will be doing some ‘How To’ videos to show you post production editing and how you can

allow each person to create their own special video look.

Video Projects & ‘How To’

          Most of our information is in direct association with Paul’s website –  where there is a ton of information on video productions.




Photography with the family - You can all be a part of it.

Photography Fun With The Family – Get out the camera and create some great pics together.

With some simple tips you can make some really awesome pics.  Mary-Claire will go over some of the techniques you can use to make some rather unusual photos.  Your photos will stand out and the memories will be documented and enjoyed by all.

Photography Tips & Tricks

All of the information here comes from the experience of Mary-Claire’s photography business which can be viewed at

Conceptual Photography


Cooking with the kids



Cooking can be a great treat or an awful mess.  Sometimes it is both.

Check out some of the cooking adventures by both parents and kids.



Adventures in cooking


Plants and fish together


Some may be saying “what the heck…”  That’s ok.  This section will be all about my (Paul) quest for self-sufficiency.  Raise your own fish, fruits and vegetables in your own home or greenhouse and know exactly what is going into each of them before you put them into your pie hole.