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  How is your family life?  Does it have order?  Who is in charge and do all of you respect each other?

Unless you live like the clan in “Leave it to Beaver” (for those of you younger than 40 – look it up on the family channel) some of the answers to those questions can almost leave a scar.

Life as a family – especially a large family – has its challenges and requires attention generally different than that of one’s business life.  Share with us, as we share with you, how family life can be a strength for your life and of your business and help with personal and business relationships.

We’ll look at some of the pitfalls, triumphs, challenges, successes, failures and ideas to help strengthen you and your family and get you where you would like to be, peacefully and together.


Posts on Family Life

  • Everyone’s a Winner in Sports:  You have got to be kidding me.  A mentality that Mary-Claire and I have seen for quite some time now has been this idea that “everybody is a winner“.   While some would say this is very positive and reaffirming for children others would say it is rubbish.  There are realities in life and one of those is that some people create, accomplish, strive for far more than others do.  So a question that is asked is what is it that separates these individuals as it pertains to their growth as a child.

If you are one that buys into the story of supporting a child at all costs – perhaps a deeper understanding of what that means and what the consequences REALLY are should be explored.  One could contend, very easily, that we have bread a generation, or more, of children that have been given so much and have been overpraised and had reward, awards and gifts placed upon their little alters so often that upon arriving in the world on their own the expectation is for this type of award system to continue.  And it doesn’t.  What now?  Enter reality.

Read Mary-Claire’s take on this.

  • Kids and the electronic age:  With all of the advantages, electronically and informationally, that the internet gives us why is it that many of our children are less informed than they used to be?  Ok, maybe they are not less informed – lets say, less well rounded or educated in areas that translate well into constructive, productive citizens.  So what exactly are they doing on all of these devices that their little heads seem to be buried in?

As parents we need to keep a close eye on what is going on within our chidrens’ lives especially when considering computers and the internet.  What about encouraging them to use those devices and resources for something worthwhile and constructive?  Ah…yes, that takes more of your time and effort.  But you are the parent right?  Then be the parent and stay focused on what your children are doing and how they do it.  Give them a definable project that allows them to utilize all of these things and more.

Read Paul’s simple project that helped the entire family.

 Oh, for those of you who don’t know of the old TV show “Leave It To Beaver”  here is an episode.


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