S.M.A.R.T. Goals For 2017

Many begin the new year with goals they wish to achieve for the coming year. Additionally, many fail within 1 month to produce a positive new direction in order to fulfill their goals. Here is a quick video to help with the process – a more clear way of thinking about your goals.



What are S.M.A.R.T. goals?

Admitting You’re Scared & How to Overcome it

My most recent journey

I think that we as parents sometimes like to portray to our kids that we have the answers to most of life’s questions. “Broccoli is good for you.” Or “Exercise makes you get strong.” Perhaps it’s words of sage advice: “Don’t worry about the speech you’re giving–you’ll be fine.”

We share when we’re happy and angry. When there’s disappointment, perhaps, in someone’s behavior or frustration that we can’t get something to work–they know how we feel. Love is an easy one–we tell them, show affection.

But do we share our fears with our kids?

Sometimes, we may share our unreasonable fears, the ones that are likely to never be realized in real life. For instance, shark attacks when we live in Ohio. Perhaps you’re scared of heights, so you won’t look out over the railing on the top of a lighthouse.

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Unexpected Reasons Why Children’s Chores Matter

How much do your kids help out?

“Chores have a lot of short-term and long-term developmental benefits in terms of academic and social success,” reports Richard Rende, PhD, a developmental psychologist, researcher and author.

Yet in a national study of over 1000 participants last September, researchers discovered that although 85% of parents consistently had chores as children, only 28% of us have our own children do chores.

How can that be?

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Why Excuses Make the Weak Weaker

How to change your thinking

Excuses are the stories we make up to convince ourselves and to prove to others that it’s not our fault. That we’re not responsible.

For instance, say you’re always late. On the best day, if all the lights are green it takes 20 minutes to get to work. In our heads, we think, “It takes 20 minutes to get to work.”

As the lights are typically not all green, there is sometimes road construction or an accident, the trip may actually typically take 27 minutes. So when we peel in to the parking lot at work, 7 minutes late, frazzled, angry, and sweating, we blame the traffic.

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Will Our Indulged Children Become Entitled Adults?

Do parents need to step up to the plate?

I’ve had this barefoot massage class that I teach scheduled out of town for a couple of months. Our modality prides itself in small, personalized workshops—typically, no more that 8 students are taken in class.

For this particular class, I needed to limit it to 6 due to space constrictions.

Once class was scheduled, I contacted everyone who had expressed interest—3 people signed up. A few weeks later, another person signed up. Wanting to have a couple of extra folks to fill the class out, I again contacted those who had expressed interest, played phone tag with a couple of them and corresponded multiple times via email with 3 of them. 

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An Honest Review of the 3 day Suero fast

Why, how, and did it work?

What the heck is a Suero cleanse and why would we do it?

Suero whey water cleanses at the cellular level through proper hydration, sodium-potassium balance, and toxin elimination. Typically, a 3 to 4 day fast, drinking only the Suero, is recommended at 6-8 per day with no food.

Hippocrates called whey water “healing water”. It works on the liver, kidneys and GI tract.  Despite caloric restriction, you don’t lose the muscle mass like you would on normally calorie restricted diets. (Check out the video at the very bottom of the post if you’d like more info.)

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The No Coddling Zone

6 ways to teach your children to be strong

A few years ago while on vacation I walked into a laundromat to do a few loads of laundry. Inside, the manager was explaining to a 20-something couple how to use the washer and dryer. I was floored.  What on earth were their parents thinking by not teaching them how to do laundry?

Several people we know do their children’s laundry (I’m talking ages 10-high school age). Another doesn’t like the way her children leave the clothes in the laundry basket to get wrinkled. The other was given a hard time by a teenager about not washing a favorite pair of jeans for a week.

How about washing their own clothes and wearing them wrinkled if they don’t get folded? Or, better yet, what about telling them they have to fold their clothes within a certain amount of time or else.

To coddle: treat in an indulgent or overprotective way.

This is what many parents have done with their children in the past generation. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point, parents started deciding that the kids were the boss.

Say what?

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13 Health Benefits of Gratitude

Physical, pyschological & social benefits

One day in July, I woke up feeling particularly grateful–for the beautiful day, my family, my health and a whole plethora of other reasons. So grateful that I felt compelled to make a list of 50 things for which I was grateful.

Finding something to be grateful for

When one focuses on gratitude, we don’t pay attention to how good we are, but rather the inherently good things that have happened to us or surround our being. 

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Why we live in our story

Reality is manageable if we are just honest

Online business help - you can do it.A man walks into a meeting, late, and begins to ramble on about how the traffic was horrible, he forgot his laptop and the incredible rudeness of many of the drivers on the highway.  “Oh man, you wouldn’t believe how people act on the highway, I was discussing how I was going to get to the ballgame tonight with my wife and walked out of the house without my laptop and then on the way here this huge SUV cut me off and almost forced my Prius into a telephone pole.”  Why the story?

More often than not people live in their story.  That’s right, their story.  We go about our lives creating excuses, sometimes overcommitting to tasks we cannot, or will not, logically complete – while other times under committing due to laziness or simply because we would rather be doing something else.

However it plays out, we tend to place these paragraphs of our lives into the neat little story we have been busy creating for only God knows how long.  The tendency is to live by this altered reality of what is really going on instead of being truthful and completely honest with ourselves or with others around us.

Instead of just looking at our co-workers, in the case of the man in the opening story, and saying “I’m late, sorry for my interruption”

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Optimist or Pessimist?

Michael Hyatt Podcast

This link is to a podcast series that I listen to on a regular basis as Michael is full of excellent content and advice.

Turning you on to others quality information is what we do as ultimately we want you to succeed.  It is hard to find content that is as good as Hyatt’s.  Enjoy.