PMR – Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Paul's Journal #2

Yesterday I was not as intentional with my exercises as the previous day.  Imagine that.  But, I am back with it and focused today.  This is okay as I am not perfect but understand that I would benefit more from the repetitive nature of completing these exercises on a daily basis.

Okay, so today I started with some PMR – Progressive Muscle Relaxation – using an app on my phone called ‘Autogenic Training and Progressive…’  I can’t see the rest as my screen won’t allow me to scroll.  Anyway, within that app is another session called ‘Muscle Relaxation’.  It audibly takes you through several of the major muscle groups and asks you to tense those muscle groups and then relax them.  The idea here is to begin to make one more aware of the feeling of tense vs. relaxed as much of our anxiety can become aggravated by the practice of tensing our muscles.  It lasted a little over 16 minutes and is accompanied with some music.

I will use this app again as it is soothing and seems to work the muscle groups relatively well.  The first day I used…’Calm’ with the ‘Body Scan’ meditation.  ( Links to come soon )

~   Today’s take-a-ways:

  1. Don’t beat your self up
  2. Begin a quest to be more intentional
  3. Understand that progress comes with consistency
  • After having started this post I proceeded to be picked up by my wife to go to Mass this morning.  While waiting for her in the driveway ( I’m not currently driving much ) I felt a massive sense of discomfort and anxiety.  While at Mass I became exceptionally dizzy again and felt the need to just go home.  I will speak more to this thought process tomorrow.

Don’t forget to pray people.  Pray a lot.