Comparison of Ruger LC9sPro and S&W Shield

Conceal Carry

When you decide to carry a firearm along with your conceal carry permit you will have lots of choices of which gun to carry.  As we own both of these guns, and like them both for different reasons, we will share with you our thoughts, as well as thoughts of the following video – FirearmPatriot – to give you some food for thought.

If nothing else you can enjoy the wonderful drawl of this fellers speech.

Because my family is so new to owning and managing guns I have found it very interesting that people have such strong opinions as to what is a good gun vs. what is a bad gun.  My wife, daughters, sons and I all have differing opinions as to what we like and why.  So while watching any review of a gun take that into strong consideration and watch more for acquiring knowledge as to the features each gun does or does not have.  Once you begin to fire some different brands and styles you will come to understand what works for you.  Everybody is different.

Bottom line.  The best gun to carry for your protection is the one you have on you.  Not having a firearm when the situation calls for it can be the difference between life and death.  I plan to do everything in my power to fulfill that which God has created me for and not allow some misdirected thug cut His plan short by taking my, or one of my family members, lives.


Advice Worth Ignoring

I can’t tell you, because you won’t listen, how many times I have received advice on how to raise my children.  Why don’t we listen?

Well, sometimes it is better to ignore advice.

A quick, funny video which illustrates my point.


Parents – take it easy on yourself and become a better parent.

Here are some great tools:

Why a gun in our home?

Criminals don't care about your politics

As I have decided to dedicate a page of our website to ‘Protection…‘  I ran across an article that shows one of the main reasons for our (my wife and I) decision to become better acquainted with firearms.  No longer will I live with the misinformed fear of a firearm.

Can you read the story without bias as to where it originated?  The facts are plain and simple here.  Intruder with intent of harm – woman with gun – intruder meets God.  Although this woman will now live with potentially elevated stress due to her assailants actions that day at least she was not raped and/or killed and robbed.  Our prayers are with her.

How will you protects yourself without a weapon?

Click on the article below

Home intruder beats, forces woman into her bedroom — right where her gun sits atop a Bible

New Content – This is how we live

We have been cautious for far too long when it comes to our website.   No longer.  2016 brought about many changes for our family and we have subsequently made many changes because of it.  Now it is time for our site to more accurately reflect our current day position on life and family.  We are throwing many of the rules out the window with one HUGE exception.


We will call it as we see it and share with you – and hopefully you will share with us – where we are today and why we place importance on the things we have chosen.

Join us and help us grow to be better, loving, responsible parents and citizens.

Several new pages with new content being created weekly:

Calm Down

Protect Your Family & Yourself

S.M.A.R.T. Goals For 2017

Many begin the new year with goals they wish to achieve for the coming year. Additionally, many fail within 1 month to produce a positive new direction in order to fulfill their goals. Here is a quick video to help with the process – a more clear way of thinking about your goals.



What are S.M.A.R.T. goals?

What Are You Thinking, Target?

Inclusion of a few or exclusion of many?

In an effort to provide inclusion to all members of the human race, the mega retailer Target has decided to make all bathrooms available for use for anyone who feels like using either one. In theory, if a man feels like he is a woman that day, he should saunter on in to the ladies’ restroom.

And on the flip side of the coin, women who feel masculine are free to use the men’s room. I suppose they’ll use female urination devices (look it up) to pee in the urinals. We can only imagine how men will feel about peeing in front of a woman.

“We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” the retailer said in a statement. “Everyone deserves to feel like they belong. And you’ll always be accepted, respected and welcomed at Target.”

A world in which everyone belongs is great. We should all love each other indeed, and of course should never hurt anyone’s feelings.

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Hanging the Clothes Out to Dry

Remembering Granny and Grandfather' house

There was nothing like climbing into bed at Granny and Grandfather’s house with fresh, crisp, folded sheets to snuggle in with.  Granny never owned a dryer. They could afford one, but perhaps she liked the lingering scents from line-dried clothes and peace of hanging out the clothes to dry year around.

For a good part of the year, they would hang outside. Standing on their back porch, there was a clothesline with a roller that enabled you to roll the line in close to you.

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The Curious Case of Identical but not Similar Sisters

Right from the get-go, Ava and Thérèse didn’t want to be the same. We joke that Thérèse was tired of sharing the womb with her sister, so she kicked her out and waited until the next day to be born.

These girls, our identical twins, have separate birthdays, having been born at 11:55 PM and 12:06 AM.

Interestingly, we didn’t find out they were identical until they were about 6 weeks old, and we got the placenta report

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How to Improve Your Kids’ Self-Worth Honestly

Tearing them down vs. over praising

Years ago, Zachary played one season of baseball on a YMCA team. Their policy: “everyone is a winner”, a notion nice enough in thought but ridiculous in practice. The Y wanted everyone to have great self-esteem. The kids weren’t told the scores, so in theory, they didn’t know who won.

But they did, and it was painfully obvious in quite a few of the games.

Of course, self-esteem is important, but in reality, everyone is not a winner. It can become a slippery slope when we build up our children so high in their view of themselves that they are shocked as an adult when they find out they’re not as good as they think they are.

Have you seen the highlights of American Idol when the “singer” is completely gobsmacked when Simon et al tell them they’re wretched and need to put an end to the thought of a singing career?

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Admitting You’re Scared & How to Overcome it

My most recent journey

I think that we as parents sometimes like to portray to our kids that we have the answers to most of life’s questions. “Broccoli is good for you.” Or “Exercise makes you get strong.” Perhaps it’s words of sage advice: “Don’t worry about the speech you’re giving–you’ll be fine.”

We share when we’re happy and angry. When there’s disappointment, perhaps, in someone’s behavior or frustration that we can’t get something to work–they know how we feel. Love is an easy one–we tell them, show affection.

But do we share our fears with our kids?

Sometimes, we may share our unreasonable fears, the ones that are likely to never be realized in real life. For instance, shark attacks when we live in Ohio. Perhaps you’re scared of heights, so you won’t look out over the railing on the top of a lighthouse.

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