Our first installment of ‘Video – Learning & Doing’ is underway

Elijah and I (Paul) are working on a project dealing with shooting video and editing within Screenflow.  It’s a great project – starter project – for both of us to grow and learn something new together.  Join in and see what you can do with your kids that will make a difference for both of you and/or all of you.

Video coming soon along with instruction on how to work with the software – Screenflow.

See ya soon.

Video – Learning & Doing

Adding Cooking, Video & Photography And Aquaponics

We have decided to add a new page to our website which will consist of Family Projects based on Cooking,  Photography & Video and Aquaponics.

We will be creating these projects either directly with our family or showing you how you might implement these fun things into your family life.  This looks to be really fun and much should be learned from all of us involved – even you.  Join us and see what cool projects we come up with.

Lots of goodies on the way.

Check out the new area of our site