The Big Game

Sports is like religion

How will you play the big game?  How you play will determine the end result.  I hope your game plan is well prepared and your ready for a large battle.

As I come across great videos I pass them along because great ideas need to be shared regardless of who created them.

In this case it comes from ‘The Vortex’.  The interweaving of sports and religion has been done plenty of times but this one seems to hit it on the head quite well.  Give it a listen and see if your ready for the Big Game.


What Are You Thinking, Target?

Inclusion of a few or exclusion of many?

In an effort to provide inclusion to all members of the human race, the mega retailer Target has decided to make all bathrooms available for use for anyone who feels like using either one. In theory, if a man feels like he is a woman that day, he should saunter on in to the ladies’ restroom.

And on the flip side of the coin, women who feel masculine are free to use the men’s room. I suppose they’ll use female urination devices (look it up) to pee in the urinals. We can only imagine how men will feel about peeing in front of a woman.

“We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” the retailer said in a statement. “Everyone deserves to feel like they belong. And you’ll always be accepted, respected and welcomed at Target.”

A world in which everyone belongs is great. We should all love each other indeed, and of course should never hurt anyone’s feelings.

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Man Almost Burns Alive – Only 2 Things Survive – What Are They?

Many would say several great things happened on this particular day in light of a major accident and I would agree.  As this automobile accident gives opportunity for people to rise to something bigger than themselves, we see the true nature of MOST people is to help.

Faith, hope and love

This video shows a few things that should give you reason to understand that what you hear about very often in the press is simply untrue.  People of all races will work together for one cause if given the opportunity.  Don’t believe all the garbage you hear too often of how race problems are epidemic.  Don’t buy into it.  Are there stupid people who still discriminate – Yes.  But, they are but a few.  Let’s work on recognizing the many that care enough to help each other when there is nothing to be gained except a handshake and a smile.

This clip (13 seconds into the video) shows the beauty of two men putting their faith into action and praying together.  We may go to different churches and pray or worship differently, but there is but one God.

Check out more footage and family response to the happenings of this day.

So what survived this nasty accident?  I would contend it was mans nature to take care of one another and, obviously, a bible.  Kind of goes hand in hand.

Would you get involved in a potentially fatal situation to help save someone else?  It takes all of us to make this crazy world go round.  How will you contribute?

NOTE:  Be able to help in a situation like this by being prepared with some smart tools.  Every car should have one and this video reminded me that we don’t have one in each of our vehicles.  Well, that was until today when I ordered them.  It is a great idea to be ready for something that may save yours or someone else’s life.

       Oh…Don’t forget…        

your bible.

“You did what for Lent? What is that all about?”

Did you give up something for this Lenten season?

Many of us know that we are now in the season of Lent.  What does that mean and what exactly is the idea of giving up something?  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lent – give the videos a listen as they are worth your time.

Some of our readers may have the attitude of “Who cares?”  That is ok.  It’s just that many of you are parents and as parents we are giving of ourselves quite often for the benefit of our children.  Many times we do without something that we would like to have because we have spent the time and/or money on giving our child or children something instead.  That is a

Many times we do without something that we would like to have because we have spent the time and/or money on giving our child or children something instead.  That is a selfless act and really quite beautiful.  We think of someone else before we think of ourselves.  (Sounds very much like what Jesus did.)  In doing so, we hope to provide for that child something bigger and better in the end.   Additionally, it is very satisfying to have that sacrifice acknowledged with the occasional ‘thank you mom/dad’ isn’t it?


It goes a bit too fast so get ready to hit the pause button so you can read and digest what it has to offer.


Here is another great explanation of Lent and the coming time that is Easter.

So let’s take that another step.  What if we came to the understanding that this Jesus figure was our connection to our father in heaven and we further understood that our father in heaven has promised us eternal life if we just came to know him better and obey him.  Our task then

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7 Reasons Why it Matters That We Protest Abortion

All lives matter. Warning--there's a graphic photo.

When I was in high school in the 1980s, I remember my dad and me hanging out grading class papers at a local restaurant. I’m not really sure how we got on the conversation of abortion, but I do remember him believing that I just knew it was wrong.

Frankly, I don’t think I really knew what abortion was back then. Truly, no concept. Mom and Pop never discussed messy matters with us much. It’s an uncomfortable subject.

Even in college I never really had strong feelings one way or another about it, I just knew that I personally would never abort a baby.

But I still didn’t really understand.

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Alleviate Family Struggles

Life doesn't have to be so hard

All families are confronted with situations which can lead to stress and strain.  How well we deal with these issues is what makes up the true nature of the family.  But advice on how to deal with family issues varies greatly.  To whom do we listen?


If we dealt with anger better we would create a family atmosphere more conducive to having well adjusted kids.  I am quite possibly one of the worst people in this area as I need

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Older Kids and the 4th Commandment

Are your adult children respectful?

Honestly, our kids probably know the 10 commandments better than I do–they go to a really great, old-fashioned Catholic school (without the knuckle rapping). Overall, they’re really good kids–usually respectful and more often than not, obedient.

We’re consistent with our rules and punishments and always have been. If we say we’re going to cancel your birthday party if you don’t get your room clean, you shouldn’t be shocked when we actually do cancel your party!

We mean business. We believe in the 4th commandment: honor thy father and mother.

What does the fourth commandment forbid? Disrespect, unkindness, and disobedience to our parents and lawful superiors.

Cursed be he that honoreth not his father and mother. (Deuteronomy 27:16)

In our house, the rewards are

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War Room and Your Business

Why business and religion DO go together

The movie War Room had a line from one of the main characters, Miss Clara, which reminded me of me.   “Don’t let me push too hard, Lord,” prays Miss Clara, “I know I’ve got a big mouth.”  Yea, that’s me.  I do it with my wife, my kids, and my church. I suppose I also do it with my business and my personal life as well.  Is that all bad?

*Image from War Room trailer

Image from War Room trailer

As I sat in church this past weekend listening to the homily of our pastor I couldn’t help but think he was reflecting on, in part, the parish council meeting, of which he and I are both a part of, from the Monday prior at our church.  He and I were butting heads a bit and comments were made afterward about the differences between the functioning of a business versus the workings of a church.

Our pastor’s comments on Sunday reflected that same line of thought.  As I listened, knowing I am much like Miss Clara from War Room, I was aware that my thought process could be wrong and perhaps I would learn something new today.  I can’t say that really happened.

There are some differences between a church and a business.  I get that.  But if the owners of any given business

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War Room – Faith and Family

What does humility look like?

The characters in the movie War Room seem to have it all with a beautiful house and family. Appearances are deceiving, though, and a marriage is crumbling.

Lead actress Priscilla Shirer talks about her outlook– knowing that her role in this movie was an opportunity to get out a bigger message.  Aside from speaking to large crowds, her main focus in on her family.

You can do many great things in life if your life is in order – with Him.  Place what is most important first and begin to work on projects which are meaningful and will help others.  It doesn’t have to be a box office hit to be meaningful.

But get your priorities straight and keep on guard to drifting too far from doing what God has in store for you.

Too many modern day principles dictate that career comes first and then other things follow.  Don’t get caught up in that hogwash; if you are a family man / woman, tend to your family with the level appropriate for a functional God-centered home.  Even if you work outside of the home this can be achieved.


This movie is hot right now and from where I am standing it is much needed.  Can’t wait to see it.

What is the message in this movie?  Let us know your thoughts.