PMR – Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Paul's Journal #2

Yesterday I was not as intentional with my exercises as the previous day.  Imagine that.  But, I am back with it and focused today.  This is okay as I am not perfect but understand that I would benefit more from the repetitive nature of completing these exercises on a daily basis.

Okay, so today I started with some PMR – Progressive Muscle Relaxation – using an app on my phone called ‘Autogenic Training and Progressive…’  I can’t see the rest as my screen won’t allow me to scroll.  Anyway, within that app is another session called ‘Muscle Relaxation’.  It audibly takes you through several of the major muscle groups and asks you to tense those muscle groups and then relax them.  The idea here is to begin to make one more aware of the feeling of tense vs. relaxed as much of our anxiety can become aggravated by the practice of tensing our muscles.  It lasted a little over 16 minutes and is accompanied with some music.

I will use this app again as it is soothing and seems to work the muscle groups relatively well.  The first day I used…’Calm’ with the ‘Body Scan’ meditation.  ( Links to come soon )

~   Today’s take-a-ways:

  1. Don’t beat your self up
  2. Begin a quest to be more intentional
  3. Understand that progress comes with consistency
  • After having started this post I proceeded to be picked up by my wife to go to Mass this morning.  While waiting for her in the driveway ( I’m not currently driving much ) I felt a massive sense of discomfort and anxiety.  While at Mass I became exceptionally dizzy again and felt the need to just go home.  I will speak more to this thought process tomorrow.

Don’t forget to pray people.  Pray a lot.

A Man’s Journal – #1

rediscovering the power of meditation

This website held great hopes for us.  As in many aspects of life it did not become realized as we had wished.  Coming to terms with that has been yet another aspect of our journey we ought to accept and appreciate the realization that we have learned something from said journey.  Today’s entry may mark yet another attempt to share with the public the ups and downs of family life in America – and beyond.  However, my major intent of this post is to begin the process of journaling for what feels to be the sake of sanity.

I am attempting to make this a daily or every other day thing in great hopes of expelling my thoughts with the intent of finding patterns of healthy and unhealthy behavior.  All too often we allow life to take us on a journey we didn’t sign up for.  We become reactionary and quick with emotion and generally lack time for meditation and contemplation.  I am certainly no exception.

As these entries may be of no definitive length I will jot down here what is on my mind after having finished a few minutes of morning meditation.  A personal journal of sorts.   I know by posting these on one of our many sites ( one seemingly seldom viewed ) I will have it saved somewhere other than one of our backup hard drives at our house and I will be able to come back and reflect on my thoughts of past regardless.

Morning Happenings:

  • 4:00 am:  Awakened too early from panting scared dogs next to our bed – it was thunder and lightening outside.
  • 6:00 am:  Alarm signals beginning of a day and the honor of being able to wake up my two young boys who have asked to say morning prayers with me.  Our first day was on their first day of school.  Hope it lasts.
  • 7:00 am:  Clean kitchen area, start a load of laundry, fold a load of laundry, have a bowl of cereal and view my children in great wonder as to what they are thinking as they are approaching their second day of school.
  • 7:15 am:  Power up computer-allowing time for all necessary work items to load.
  • 7:17 am:  Read (re-read) parts of my Anxiety workbook that I know are of benefit to my well being.
  • 7:25am:  Create a reminder note to meditate and practice some body scans today
  • 7:30 am:  Sit in office with phone app “Calm” to review methods of regaining focus I have clearly misplaced.  Completed 5 mins of breathing exercises.
  • 7:40 am:  Moved on to 20 minutes of a Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique via the ‘Calm’ app.
  • 8:10am:  Began this post.

Thoughts for today after having meditated:

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New Content – This is how we live

We have been cautious for far too long when it comes to our website.   No longer.  2016 brought about many changes for our family and we have subsequently made many changes because of it.  Now it is time for our site to more accurately reflect our current day position on life and family.  We are throwing many of the rules out the window with one HUGE exception.


We will call it as we see it and share with you – and hopefully you will share with us – where we are today and why we place importance on the things we have chosen.

Join us and help us grow to be better, loving, responsible parents and citizens.

Several new pages with new content being created weekly:

Calm Down

Protect Your Family & Yourself

Yeah, I’m just fine – No stress here – So just shut up!

Wow, take a minute to chill

Many of us refuse to realize that we are indeed a bit stressed or anxious.  To tell ourselves this is to admit that we may not be as perfect as we would like to think we are.  Take 5 minutes to analyze yourself and be perfectly honest with yourself.  You may find that there is room for more peace in your life.

Learn to relieve anxiety

How do you get it?

Tools and thoughts on how to Calm Down

The spirit and desire of a child is what we sometimes need to remind us that we can work through our troubles and move on.

Give it a try – no matter what the circumstances – you can get back up.