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We have been cautious for far too long when it comes to our website.   No longer.  2016 brought about many changes for our family and we have subsequently made many changes because of it.  Now it is time for our site to more accurately reflect our current day position on life and family.  We are throwing many of the rules out the window with one HUGE exception.


We will call it as we see it and share with you – and hopefully you will share with us – where we are today and why we place importance on the things we have chosen.

Join us and help us grow to be better, loving, responsible parents and citizens.

Several new pages with new content being created weekly:

Calm Down

Protect Your Family & Yourself

Our first installment of ‘Video – Learning & Doing’ is underway

Elijah and I (Paul) are working on a project dealing with shooting video and editing within Screenflow.  It’s a great project – starter project – for both of us to grow and learn something new together.  Join in and see what you can do with your kids that will make a difference for both of you and/or all of you.

Video coming soon along with instruction on how to work with the software – Screenflow.

See ya soon.

Video – Learning & Doing

Adding Cooking, Video & Photography And Aquaponics

We have decided to add a new page to our website which will consist of Family Projects based on Cooking,  Photography & Video and Aquaponics.

We will be creating these projects either directly with our family or showing you how you might implement these fun things into your family life.  This looks to be really fun and much should be learned from all of us involved – even you.  Join us and see what cool projects we come up with.

Lots of goodies on the way.

Check out the new area of our site

How to “launch” with nearly-instant momentum and sales

If you want to know how to get your online business up an running and profitable – learn from someone who has changed the way the internet business model works.  Jeff Walker has created a system for getting your business up and running and making profits by simplifying the how, what and why.  His system of creating business is the foundation of so many successful online businesses today.

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so when he talks, I listen.

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Join us on Google+

We have finally jumped in to some different social media and this week brings about our entry into Google+.

We will express short thoughts on coming ideas, present ideas or whatever it is that is on our mind at that time.  As social media is more for quick thoughts, generally, we will drop a line of inspiration, prodding and just general things to think about or act upon.

Check out our google+ page by hitting the icon at the top of the page and/or check out this post:  New Post  or visit us @:

Live your life by example.

Start again with a new you

Below are pictures of my progress from doing a new diet and working out utilizing Burstclub.  I am posting this announcement as an update to a comment on another post.

Some have asked to see before and after pics.  So I wanted to show some of my progress.


Exercise your way to health

Can you say Belly Fat

Loose weight with BurstClub

Thank goodness for strong buttons

Burst workout and changed diet for a better you

July 21st. In better shape – 3.5 months later

Youngevity and Burstclub for results

I have lost ~ 30 lbs. since April 5th, 2015

Physical health for better production

Woman EntrepreneurPaul and I were recently introduced to BurstClub at a retreat. Holy moly. 15 minutes, start to finish 3 times a week for a full body workout. Abs can be completed in 5 minutes. These times both include the warm up and cool down!

Taking into account we’ve both changed our diets in the last few weeks to a whole foods, no grain and sugar program and both doing the Burst workouts in the past 3 weeks, Paul’s lost 10 lbs and I have lost 4.5 (he’s got more to lose than I do). Both of us noticed increased strength already.

Don’t be fooled by the time spent–it’s not for sissies. (In fact, it’s very humbling.) We feel like it works the body better than P90X, and in a much quicker time frame.

BURSTClub Rocks!

We feel so much better and stronger and can’t wait to see the results as we continue.

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