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Mary-Claire and Paul Fredette

It’s our goal to help others who want to lead their family better.  Raising children is sometimes hard, frustrating work but the most rewarding vocation you’ll ever experience.  Once you parent in a strong, consistent manner, you can attain better relationships and help your children to be strong and competent.  Your age doesn’t matter, only the desire to be willing to do the work to improve…

We don’t pretend to be perfect parents by any stretch of the imagination, but we’re always exploring ways to enhance our parenting skills. It’s our intent to share with you different ideas and thoughts on how to make family life better, for all of you.

1994:  Mary-Claire and Paul Fredette began their foray into the world of self-employment within the first year of their marriage when Paul, still in college, began a janitorial maintenance company.



Mary-Claire would periodically work with him, get mad and quit, telling him that he was the worst boss ever. (Admittedly, her work may not have been up to par, as cleaning is not her thing.)

For a few years, she would still help him when she had to, while working as a restaurant manager, attending massage school and attempting to be a mom. He a held full-time job working as an area manager for another company while still building the business.

After a few years of putting their 2 children into daycare, they  made the commitment to always have one parent home for the kids. Their schedules were nuts, but Zachary & Naomi never went to daycare again.


Naomi & Zachary, 1998

1998: A few months before Mary-Claire graduated from massage school, Paul took a job with a small company in Las Vegas, paring his Cincinnati business down to bare bones. Because Mary-Claire was still in massage school, she and the kids stayed home in Cincinnati. Her job would not let her work daytime hours; she was forced to quit. And this was fine with her because she thought life as a stay at home mom and a student would be all picnics and lollipops. {Eye roll, right?}

Within 3 weeks, though, Paul discovered that the company he had moved out of state for was not liquid. He packed his bags and made the journey home.  She could not get her job back.  They were desperate.

4 children in 3 years-Mariana, Elijah, Ava & Therese

4 children in 3 years-Mariana, Elijah, Ava & Therese

So Paul again changed directions and focused on large government accounts and into selling cleaning chemicals. Mary-Claire graduated from massage school and began her own personal entrepreneurial journey, giving birth to Mariana, Elijah and twins Ava & Thérèse (in 3 years).

She worked days, and Paul worked nights because they were determined to always have a parent at home with the children.

2002: She began the journey of teaching barefoot massage, he went to music production school.

429160_2947730966863_1018775933_n2005: When Mary-Claire was pregnant with baby #7 (Dominic), Paul was underbid on a large account and lost it (to someone who subsequently was fired due to lack of understanding what the job was when it was bid). Although distressed over this, he finally acknowledged that while self-employment was definitely for him, cleaning toilets/girly boxes were simply horrific not his passion. He didn’t renew any other contracts after that and let that part of the business fade out.


Present: The past 10 years have been a journey of struggles and success, joy (Blaise was born in 2009) and pain (the loss of Paul’s father). Paul has run Mary-Claire’s massage and photography business while continuing to develop his own online business based on the passion of music, sound production, and video.

Just another day at the Fredette's.

Image by Mary-Claire. Click on the image to visit her photography site.

What is their passion? Simply put, helping others. They’ve been through hard & crazy times. Making others feel good by being better, healthier, more productive and enabling parents to follow their dreams brings these 2 married entrepreneurs joy.

Married entrepreneurs

21 years later! Image courtesy Mark Vincent Lopez of InfinitiFoto


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